The Butterfly House was born from the inspiration and exploration, from the mix of travel and comfort, from a desire to provide a home as well as a transformative environment.


Here we turn ordinary things into extraordinary experiences.

Here we welcome you to the House with the arrival ceremony thoughtfully designed to help you slow down and transition to the present moment. 

Here we start our days with the morning meditation and a hot herbal tea or locally made coffee. We connect and share stories. We explore the town and spend time laying in a hammock reading a book. We catch up on sleep and human connection. We experience sound and vibrational healing and learn about ourselves.  

The concept of our House requires active participation. This is your home even for a short time so we would like you to feel comfortable and included. Sharing a smile is encouraged, spending time with the plants in the garden is the kind of weird we love, saving towels to prevent extra use of energy is obvious, separating plastic for recycling is like last century, turning water off when not using (like brushing your teeth) is just kind. And every little action counts.
We continually reimagine and improve our home to be more energy efficient and environmentally conscious. It will be our pleasure to have you join us in our efforts and become part of our family.

Welcome Home!

Amenities & Services

Morning tea/coffee with local breads

Free daily morning meditation

Sound healing ceremonies

Yoga practice

Roof deck

Flower Garden

Real books

Plenty of communal space

Hammocks and Pillows

Free Wi-Fi Access

Free Parking

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